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Scott Adams Text Adventures:

#1: Adventureland, Now with Hints and Solutions

Wander through an enchanted realm and try to uncover the 13 lost treasures. There are wild animals and magical beings to reckon with aswell as many other perils and mysteries. This is the Adams Classicthat started it all!(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

#2: Pirate Adventure

Only by exploring this strange island will you be able to uncover theclues necessary to lead you to your elusive goal -- recovering thelost treasures of Long John Silver.(Difficulty Level: Beginner)

#3: Secret Mission

In this exciting Adventure, time is of the essence as you race theclock to complete your mission in time -- or else the world's firstautomated nucler reactor is doomed! If you survive this challengingmission, consider yourself a true Adventurer! (Difficulty Level: Advanced)

#4: Voodoo Castle

The Count has fallen victim to a fiendish curse placed on him by hisenemies. There he lies, with you his only possible hope. Will you pulloff a rescue, or is he really down for the Count?!(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

#5: The Count

It begins when you awake in a large brass bed in a castle somewhere in Transylvania. Who are you, what are you doing here and WHY did thepostman deliver a bottle of blood? (Difficulty Level: Moderate)

#6: Strange Odyssey

At the galaxy's rim, there are rewards aplenty to be harvested from along-dead alien civilization, including fabulous treasures andadvanced technologies far beyond human ken! Prepare yourself for theincredible! (Difficulty Level: Moderate)

#7: The Mystery Fun House

As Adventure #7 begins, you find yourself hopelessly lost in themiddle of a carnival fun house. While escape may elude you, one thingis very clear -- you're NOT here to have a good time!(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

#8: Pyramid of Doom

This is an Adventure that will transport you to a dangerous land ofcrumbling ruins and trackless desert wastes into the PYRAMID OF DOOM!Jewels, gold -- it's all here for the plundering -- IF you can findthe way.(Difficulty Level: Moderate)

#9: Ghost Town

You must explore a once-thriving mining town in search of the 13hidden treasures. With everything from rattlesnakes to runaway horses,it sure ain't going to be easy! Includes a special bonus scoringsystem too!(Difficulty Level : Advanced)

#10: Savage Island Part I

A small island holds an awesome secret -- will you be able to discoverit? This is the beginning of a two-part Adventure.NOTE: This one's a toughie -- for experienced Adventurers only!(Difficulty Level: Advanced)

#11: Savage Island Part II

The suspense begun in Adventure #10 now comes to an incredibleconclusion with SAVAGE ISLAND PART II! This Adventure requires you tohave successfully finished #10, wherein you were given the secretpassword to begin this final half.NOTE: For experienced Adventurers only!(Difficulty Level: Advanced)

#12: Golden Voyage

The king lies near death in the royal palace. You have only three daysto bring back the elixir needed to rejuvenate him. Journey through thelands of magic fountains, sacred temples, stormy seas and gold, gold,GOLD! This one is for experienced Adventurers only! (Difficulty Level: Advanced)

#13: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle

Solon the Master Wizard has learnt of Vileroth's destruction and how,in his final days, he concealed the stolen 13 Stars of Power withinthe Castle of Claymorgue, determined that no one should possess them.As Solon's apprentice with a few spells, can you recover Solon's stolen Stars? The Castle contains further spells but beware -- as anapprentice you may find the results unpredictable!(Difficulty Level: Advanced.)

These Scott Adams original text Adventure games are still copyrighted by Scott Adams.
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