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2D Golf

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  • Basically, the rule of "2D-Golf" is the same as golf. The purpose of this game is to shoot the ball into the hole on the green in as few shots as possible.
  • Please input your name and Click "Start Game" button, then the game will begin. (Four persons can play at the same time.)
  • Click (S)-mark in the lower right corner. The white circle will begin to spin.
  • Click (S)-mark again in the middle of the spinning circle. The power(speed) of the ball will be fixed. (upper:strong,lower:weak)
  • Click (S)-mark once more in the middle of the spinning circle. The angle of the ball will be fixed (left:low,right:high). If you click out of the blue line, your shot will become a failure.
  • You can choose Wood or Iron as club. Wood -- low ball & long distance. Iron -- high ball & short run.
  • When the ball will get on the green, the view will be changed into the green scene.
  • Click (S)-mark adjusting the speed of the ball to get into the hole as above. Now, you don't have to set the angle.
  • The score table will be shown after the ball gets into the hole. Click "Continue" button to go to the next hole. If you click "Exit" button then the game will be over.


Bunker (Sand trap)
You can choose only Sand Wedge(SW) in the bunker. The flight distance becomes unsteady. It's possible that the ball won't go out of the bunker, when your shot power is weak.
The direction of the ball will be changed when it strikes the tree. But it can pass the tree-trunk.
Pond (Water hazard)
When the ball gets into the pond, it will be placed keeping away from the green and you will be imposed one penalty.
If the ball should go out of the view, you will be imposed one penalty and you have to shoot again at the same place of the last shot.

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